Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm still without a computer but I hope to get a new one in the next week or two, Lords willing and the creek don't rise, as the old folk say. We've had car trouble, plumbing issue and lots of medical bills lately so $$$ has been tighter than ever.
I'm also going to cut our carbs back again. Mom's blood glucose levels and both of our weights have not appreciated the need to cut the grocery bill. So I'll have to figure out a way to keep the grocery bill lower and still be able to eat lower carb. How I'm not sure, but I have no doubt God will show me how to find the right balance.
I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in so long. I did post on my other blog that I had lost my computer, but I never got it posted on here. I forget sometimes that everyone isn't able or just doesn't visit both. Sorry Jennifer!
I hope everyone is doing well, I've missed you all so much, and God willing I'll be back with you soon.


Jennifer said...

Vikki,it will be good to have you back online. It is not easy low-carbing on a budget, but if you can figure it out - it sure will help a lot of other people for you to share your tips. Eggs are a pretty complete food and probably the cheapest form of protein.

dhimas130184 said...

this is my first coming, but i fall in with blog, its amazing, i will be back
see my blog please

Vikki said...

Hey Jennifer,
I know I'm still not back, but mom's doing better so I have hope for the near future.

Yes ma'am we do like our eggs around here. In fact, when the seniors at our church were observing fast back in January, mom went on a 2 week egg fast. Nothing but eggs for 2 weeks. I just new she would never eat one again, but believe it or not she didn't get burned out. Yeah for Eggs!

Vikki said...

Thank you Dhimas, I will just over there as soon as I get finished here. Thank you for stopping by.
Take care and God bless you.