Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Test Results

I can't believe it but I got a couple of emails from my doctor today. I just had blood work done yesterday and I have the results today! Anyway, the results are I don't have PCOS, which is what I expected in the first place but it's awful nice to know. But now I still don't know what's causing the hair loss, screwed up periods and all the rest of the symptoms that don't seem related to anything. Oh well, I've been living with them for years anyway.

My blood work showed my BGL were a little high yesterday, which is more than a little disturbing since I've not cheated in over a month, but my Ac1 was within normal limits, although I can't find it on the test results anywhere! All my other blood work was with in normal limits and my potassium which was too high last time was back within the normal range this time. So that's all good. She suggested that I check back in with Dr. Peterson within the next few month to see how the allergies are doing, but other than that all is good.

Now if I can just find a reason for my hair loss and weight stalls I'd be a very happy lady indeed!

Monday, November 17, 2008

How my doctors visit went.

Well as some of you may know, I had a doctors visit today. It took over a month to get the darn appointment and I've been dealing with a cold and allergies so long my poor eyes look like I'm at the end of a year long binder. Thankfully I don't drink but you couldn't tell it by looking at me.

We discussed the fact that while I love her being my doctor, I can never get in to see her when I need too. So we decided on another doctor in the same system and building, that she can confer with, that's new and doesn't have as busy a practice.

We discussed the allergies and she prescribed a couple new meds to try and see if either of them worked better than the Allegra or Claritin (neither of which works for me any more) and she told me the Nasonex doesn't work if I don't remember to take it...giggle I know I know but who remembers to use nasal spray every darn day?

We discuss the possibility of me having PCOS and she ordered a bucket load of test. Granted I really don't want to have a chronic illness without a cure, but to have a name to why I feel and my body reacts the way it does would be wonderful. I've been suffering with most of these problems for more than 10 years.

She's also testing for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and I didn't even mention how tired I am to her. I guess she wants to rule everything out. I've not done any research into CFS but I don't really thing that's why I'm so tired. I do need to get in and see the rheumatologist because the arthritis in my hands is getting worse and that might very well explain the tiredness.

Anyway, after taking 5 huge vials of blood and leaving me with barely enough to function on... I feel like I was attacked by a vampire, except the puncture mark is in the back of my hand instead of my neck, I was told that it would be at least a week before I get the results. I'm guessing more like two since the lab tech said one of the vials had to be frozen and shipped off to Utah. It takes a week when they do the darn blood work in their own lab.

Anyway, just thought I'd let you know how it went. I'm hoping for only good news.

To all those wonderful bloggers out there!

I just wanted to tell all those wonderful bloggers, whose blogs I follow, subscribe to and read religiously. I'm still doing so. Unfortunately, my computer has become a holy terror and I'm not able to post many comments. Please don't think I have forsaken you. I haven't. But all my nice little comments seem to end up in the netherworld somewhere. So please, keep up all the wonderful things you share, even though I'm unable to comment at the moment, I'm reading and supporting you the same as always!
Vikki (one of your biggest fans!)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saturday Night

Saturday night was game night. This is something we try to do a couple nights a month just to make time to laugh, cut up and spend time with each other. The games stimulate the brain, meaning we have to use it a little and we really enjoy it. It doesn't really matter whether we play board games, cards, domino (we all love chicken foot) or even one of those dvd games, it's more about spending time with each other and laughing and having a good time.

I made chicken potpie for dinner,

and some Dark Chocolate Coconut Bark for dessert.
We played Deal or No Deal and a couple games of Truth or Crap... yeah but that really is the name of the game.
We laughed and cheered each other on and had a good time. Mom and I even split a small bag of microwave popcorn. Not too bad carb wise, about 5 net carbs. Over all a good night.
But this lead me to wonder, what do other people do to spend time with their families? If you have a few minutes, shoot me off a comment and let me know what your family likes to do to spend time together and relax.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What I've been eating

I wanted to share some of the dishes we eat on a regular basis. Some of these recipes are on my other site, some are just so basic everyone has their own recipes for them, such as bar-b-que chicken. No recipe is really needed and everyone makes it a bit differently. Bar-b-que chicken, turnips and jalapeno flax bread. Stir-fries are a go to meal. Quick, easy and a great way to use up those bits and pieces of veggies in the veggie drawer.
We really like the flavor combo of bourbon and apricot. It's great on both chicken and pork. Bourbon Apricot chicken with cabbage and green beans
Left over meats make great wraps for lunch. Left over steak makes a great fajita wrap in half a sheet of Joseph's Lavash bread with a side of coleslaw.
I recently created a chicken potpie recipe, it was so good I made a ground beef pot pie, actually it's like cottage pie with a top crusts.
Pizza night on Flat out bread.
Flax bread is a main staple for breakfast at my house. I make everything from Cinnamon Pecan to Banana Nut. Toasted with a little butter or cream cheese and I'm good to go all day.
With a cup of tea, the perfect way to start the morning
Frittatas make a great breakfast or lunch and super easy to make.
Spaghetti squash makes a great mac & cheese
And don't think I forget to feed my sweet tooth. While not an every week much less every day occurrence, I do have my arsenal of sweet treats.
Pound cake (Jennifer Eloff's Splendid Low Carb Desserts) with berries
Dark Chocolate coconut Bark
Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting.
Hot chocolate is the perfect way to end the day.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Checking in

I've been fighting a cold and allergies for the last month. For some reason I don't seem to be able to kick it, although I think mom and Cindy both had it about this long too. Anyway, I haven't felt much up to anything other than just getting done the things I have to get done each day. When I have felt a bit better I've been cooking, trying out new recipes and trying to prefect a few more.
I'm sorry I have neglected this blog, but I've been able to post a few new recipes to the other one. I hope to get to feeling better soon so I can keep up a little better. I will make a post of things I've been eating and get an update on how I'm doing as far as weight loss goes. I'm sure I've gained a little weight since I've not been able to eat as well as I should. I've not had nearly enough veggies and drank too much diet Dr. Pepper. Other than that I've not eaten anything "off limits" or high carb.