Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another Doctors visit

Well I went to seem my new doctor yesterday. She confirmed that the rash is an allergic reaction to "something". What we may never know was her response. You see I've not changed anything, no new foods, no new soaps, creams, make up or other products. With the one slight chance that it might be the fabric softener. I've used this a few times before, but they were out of the one I normally use and so I got another brand. I guess time and new laundry will tell. Until them every time I get wet, warm or cold I break out in bright red dots all over my chest and arms. Quite colorful!

She's also running more blood test to find out about the elevate blood glucose levels. I'm so frustrated right now I could scream. I've worked so hard to prevent myself from developing diabetes. With my family history and my past eating habits it's a miracle I hadn't already developed it. But I've been eating low carb for the past 19 months and now my levels go up. But only after my blood pressure suddenly lowered? What's up with that? I'm not complaining mind you, I'm thrilled it's gone down. I was getting concerned, in fact it was one of the main reasons for my doctors appointment 2 weeks ago. It had been running borderline high for the 2 months before that. Now suddenly I'm averaging about 100/67 instead of 135/75 but my fasting bgls have gone from 100 up to 125-135 every morning.

And this after they just tested every hormone in my body...giggle Well life is suppose to be an adventure right, looks like I don't even have to go outside my own bod for it.

Take care, I hope you all are having wonderful fall/spring weather depending on where you live. We're having beautiful sunny cool crisp windy days. With temps in 50's and 60's. PERFECT!

NOTE: Just got an email from the doctor my A1c is 5.6 I'm so not a happy camper! That's way to high. Time to work harder I suppose. I refuse to go down the diabetic path ... regardless of genetics


Patty said...

Oh girl, I'm sorry to hear about your BGLs and you A1c. You've worked so hard to keep to a low carb lifestyle, and I know it's disappointing. Keep it up, though, I feel sure you'll get it under control.

Vikki said...

Thank you my friend, I'm probably getting all bent out of shape for nothing. This might even be the answer to what has been going on with me, or it might just be another symptom. Anyway, I just don't want to go down this road, especially when I've started heading down it when I'm already doing what I should to provent it. Does that make any since?
Oh well, I'll do all I can and try to keep this from going any further. But at least if this is a fact of my life, it's something I already have experience with...giggle

Patty said...

Yep, it makes perfect sense to me...

We're decorating for Christmas today inside and out...whew! But it will be fun when it's done. We got a live tree! It's been many years since we've done that. I'll post about it later in my blog...

Hope you're having a good day.

Vikki said...

Oh I wish I could come by and see! I love Christmas Decorations. We need to get the tree up soon, wish we could have a live tree, it's been years for us too, but with the allergies it's just not really possible.
Take care and I can't wait to read about all you put up. I hope there are pictures!

Sharon said...

Sorry to hear that!
Good luck - here's to healthy eating! Cheers!

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry you're having to deal with this health issue, Vikki. ((HUGS)) I understand you being upset; perfectly normal. It is scary, but as you say, you already have a LOT of experience with it, having helped your mother so successfully. You are more equipped than most people who have to deal with this diagnosis. I agree with you that genetics play a very large part in it. It is possible that you were already going down that path and that low-carbing kept it at bay for longer.

I suspect if you went on something like Metformin, which helps with glucose metabolism, as well as continuing the low-carbing, your blood sugars will return to completely normal (as they are not that out of line). The nice thing is, if you can tolerate Metformin, it will then help you lose weight more easily again, as long as you are low-carbing. Metformin and a higher carb diet will not be as effective and will not result in weight loss.

Hope your new doctor works with you and helps you to find the right answers. I'm really sorry you're going through this. :-( I do have confidence that you are up for the challenge. Your attitude about other health challenges totally blew me away. You are stronger than you think.

Jennifer said...

P.S. Love how you have decorated your sites for Christmas. How clever you are! :-) Hope you have a lovely and a happy Christmas too filled with good memories and good food.

Vikki said...

Sharon, thank you so much. Life gives us challenges. It's how we face them that counts.

Jennifer your such a sweety. Thank you so much for the encouragement. I'm very lucky to have a friend like you. And thank you about the decorations too. I just love Christmas. It's my favorite time of the year.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Vikki, from one sweety to another for the Christmas' and New Year's wishes. :-) I'm the same way about Christmas time. I have always loved Christmas.

Jennifer said...

Natural ways to lower blood sugar - some comments on the Diabetes Health Forum: You should join, Vikki, as you know so much already having helped your mom and now you can help other folks too. I joined not so long ago.