Thursday, December 11, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

I finally got my Christmas cards addressed and in the mail. The gifts are all bought but nothing is wrapped. Mom made her first batch of "Trash" what is now known as Chex Mix except we add a few more things in it and it's got a good dose of red pepper flakes too.

I've got several really ripe bananas just dying to become Banana Nut Flaxbread, and a stack of cranberries waiting to become Cranberry Walnut flaxbread. Since so many of my relatives have diabetes and so many well on their way, this year instead of my normal quick breads I'm making my flaxbread versions. I always make up tons of quick breads in mini loaves every year. Everyone gets a couple, home made candy, trash and Carmel pop corn. This year they will get flaxbread made in mini loaves, trash (too high carb to even fathom) s/f candy and jalapeno flaxbread.

I found a can of Lucky Leaf sugar/free apple pie filling that was fairly low in carbs, so I'm going to make an apple pie with a pecan or walnut crust. I haven't decided for sure which yet. And then put a nut crumble too on it. I'm also going to make cranberry cheese cake bars.

We will have both brisket and ham, broccoli rice casserole for the carbivores and squash casserole for us healthy folk. Bake mac&cheese for those that wish to carb load and spaghetti squash &cheese for those that don't. Mom's fruit salad, not one of those icky super sweet nasty jello things either. This is real fruit, apples, oranges, bananas, pineapple, coconut and pecans. I prefer mine without the bananas but this is to die for. I can't remember a Christmas without it. Relatives would beg my mom to make it for every gathering. It will be my one indulgences on Christmas and she makes it wish splenda these days. So although carby at least it's fruit with nothing icky added.

So it's two weeks til Christmas and I have lots of baking to do, presents to wrap and l all those little things you never remember until the last minute. But the tree is up, the cards are addressed and the gifts are all bought.

So where are you in your Christmas prep?


Anonymous said...

I just got my tree out of storage yesterday... think I'll put it up tomorrow night. Xmas cards are on the to do list for Saturday. I have some xmas gifts bought, but I don't know where they are! LOL I buy year round, and tuck them away. I want to make some cookies or cakes for my co-workers, but I am a little scared of diving into the mixing bowl. I have to think about that some more.

Vikki said...

We do the same thing, we buy as we find things, stash them then forget where or what we have until the last minute. I'm pretty sure we haven't found everything yet.

Jennifer said...

Phew, I can relate! :-) Have fun in the kitchen and wrapping those presents.