Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Menu Update - Tuesday

Not too badly again today. However I plan to take the stove apart tomorrow and do a thorough cleaning from top to bottom so I might be taking something out of the freezer for dinner tomorrow, that is if I get it all clean in time to use the oven. Otherwise it might be eggs or the night we pick up KFC's new grilled chicken.
Breakfast: breakfast cookie with iced coffee
Lunch: tuna salad with pork skins (didn't feel like making pita chips)
Dinner: fish with bacon & broccoli frittata ( I wanted broccoli instead of the salad)
No snacks, my meals were plenty and I wasn't hungry.
Two days down and so far sticking to my menu pretty well. Not exactly but pretty darn close.

So who wants to join me and start posting their menus? As we all know to succeed we need to plan, plan and then plan again. This is my way to make sure I plan and then follow through.

Have a good week and Bon Appetit!

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