Friday, May 8, 2009

MS OneNotes and getting organized

Life here is moving on in what has become the norm. Mom is still in the hospital with 2 and a half weeks still to go. Cindy gets up heads to work, comes home changes and the heads to the hospital with our without me in tow to visit mom. Me if I'm honest I've gotten very lazy lately at keeping the house clean. I'm trying to get myself re-organized so I can better take care of things without over doing in one day and then letting it slide til I can't stand it... which is what I've been doing.
I'm using MS Office OneNote to set myself up a cleaning schedule along with keeping my menu's with recipes and grocery list to go along with it. I just started it last night but it looks like it will be very helpful.
It also has this great little onenote window that I can jot down notes, recipes or ideas I find while reading my blogs, favorite websites etc. It's just a little window where you can jot down anything you need, then it saves it for you . So cool.
I don't know about you but I get dozens and dozens of recipe newsletters in my email everyday. I belong to freezer groups, have some of your wonderful blogs e-mailed to me and I get swamped with ideas, recipes, and thoughts while I'm reading then promptly forget all of it by the time I have pen and paper to write it all down. This is perfect. I can jot down where to find the info I might need later, recipes I want to try, things I need to pick up at the store, errands I need to run, whatever I remember or think about while I'm online. EASY PEASY as they say these days.
I can also keep a baking schedule so I can keep breakfast cookies, flaxbread and crackers made up without heating the house up everyday. If I make them all in the same day or two whether I'm out or not I can cut way back on cooling bills. Same goes for roasting meat and chicken or veggies. I can pick one or two days a week to use the oven and the rest of the week everything is stovetop.
Of course as it gets hotter oven use will more than likely come to a complete halt. But that's ok, since I'm making a baking schedule I hope to get a pretty good stash of baked goods in the freezer for summer.
I already did my big "Summer's coming" beef and chicken sessions. I have taco meat, meat with onion and garlic, hamburger patties, meatballs and stuffed pepper meat in the freezer along with a ton of roasted chicken, both dark and white meat (found a great deal on bl/sl chicken breast and roasted about 8 lbs worth.
Now I just need to roast a couple of pork loins, slow braise a couple of london broils and maybe a brisket. Then I should be in great shape for the summer heat.
Well there you have it. My newest goals for keeping organized, now if I can just stick with it. I'm so so bad about not following through after the newness wares off. Hopefully this time it will be so convenient I'll keep it up.
So how do you keep yourself organized? Do you have a plan in place or do you just wing it?
I sure miss the good old days when you just took a full weekend and everyone in the house did Spring cleaning. But somehow that just doesn't work anymore, at least not for me.
Oh yeah I nearly forgot, part of my organization plan is a surface a day. I have to de-clutter and clean one surface in my house everyday, WITHOUT moving it to another surface...giggle man it's going to be hard, this is a tiny house. But I'm up for a good challenge. First surface, kitchen table. I've been better but it's still a cluttered mess so it's the first to get my attention. Wish me luck!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone, we in for yet more rain, so Patty heads up, if you haven't gotten it yet it's heading your way. Donna I guess y'all are getting it as snow, at least I saw your video where you were. Yikes sure glad I'm down here.
Hugs to all and may God bless you richly.


Patty said...

Boy, have we gotten rain (and gotten it, and then gotten some more). I'm so glad to see you're able to post these days...I missed you!

Vikki said...

I know all that rain we normally get in February and March we're getting now. We still have more rain coming. Crazy!

I'm glad I'm able to find a few minutes here and there to post too. I've really missed it and missed all you guys!

Take care girl and sorry but you have more of the wet stuff on it's way!
Hugs and Blessings

spunkysuzi said...

That's what i need to do, organize!! Right now it's -1 celcius :(

Vikki said...

OOO Suzi,
I'd never last in a place that ever got that cold!
It's been in the mid to high 80's around here lately but boy has it been raining.
Take care and God Bless