Sunday, June 7, 2009

How hard can you pinch a penny?

With the economy what it is these days we are all scrambling to find ways to save a few pennies anywhere we can. I've been learning so much by reading money saving blogs, and let me tell you there are a wide variety out there. One of my favorites is STL Mommy. She teaches you how to use coupons, shop wisely, where to pick up a bargain and even list on line coupon sites.

Right now she has a $25 Target Gift Card giveaway going. Who couldn't use a Target gift card? So run on over and get yourself signed up here, and maybe you'll be the lucky winner. Of course then you owe me half...giggle

Hugs and have a great Sunday,



Hi Vikki. It's not a blog but
is the best place I know for $ saving ideas! I've used it for years.


Don't know where my comment disappeared to when I was logging in so I'll leave it again.

Here is a great site I've used for years to pinch pennies. These ladies pinch them until they cry for mercy and have given me great advice over they years.

Vikki said...

Thank yous so much. I've been trying very hard to cut back on expenses and all help is not only welcomed but thankfully accepted.

Thanks again!

~Oct said...

oh Vikki my gal, I miss you and hope all is well. My old blog is no longer being updated so I hope to see you at the new one!

I'm posting this to see if you have moderation enabled before I give details.

*big hugs*

Vikki said...

Hey Girl,
I do have it moderated, so leave me any kind of message or just send it to
I'd noticed you weren't posting anymore, I do try to read as often as possible. Mom's not doing well and she keeps me pretty busy.
Take care, good luck with the new blog and hope to visit as soon as you send me a link.