Monday, November 17, 2008

To all those wonderful bloggers out there!

I just wanted to tell all those wonderful bloggers, whose blogs I follow, subscribe to and read religiously. I'm still doing so. Unfortunately, my computer has become a holy terror and I'm not able to post many comments. Please don't think I have forsaken you. I haven't. But all my nice little comments seem to end up in the netherworld somewhere. So please, keep up all the wonderful things you share, even though I'm unable to comment at the moment, I'm reading and supporting you the same as always!
Vikki (one of your biggest fans!)


Former Donut Junkie said...

Vikki, seems these infernal gray boxes have a mind of their own sometimes. I've even threatened to baptize mine a time or two. I've had problems leaving comments on your other website. Thanks. Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie.

Vikki said...

Hey Ron,
I'm really enjoying the series of doing right now, but I've not been able to comment.
I'm sorry about the other blog, you have to be a member of Live spaces to leave a comment. Goofy rule they have, and I've not found a way around it.

Keep up the great work, I just wanted to let all of you that I love to read so much, know I'm still here... :o)

Patty said...

Hey girl, I've missed seeing your comments. I'm sorry your computer is being so troublesome right now...sometimes you just want to chunk them out the back door, don't you?

Blueberry Muffin Queen (Jenn) said...

I've missed your comments too! I was just thinking I must be boring people...

Hope you enjoyed it, some of it was TOTALLY meant to make you laugh (like my view on the Rumblies). :D

Give your computer a good whoopin' and come back to us! :D

Vikki said...

I'm telling you. It's been steadily getting worse and with the dr. bills and car repair bills I really can't afford to take it in to get it fixed right now. I'm hoping when we change over to fiber optics next month it will help at least a little. Guess we'll see.

Jennifer said...

Aaaaw, Vikki, I miss you too. (((HUGgggggggggggssss))) 'cos you need 'em!!