Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ham and Swiss Panini

serve with veggies and ranch

We all love sandwiches from time to time, they are easy to make and somehow very satisfying.

Finding a bread that is low in carb and makes a good sandwich can be difficult.  There are Cleo’s oopsies of course which are wonderful, and you know how much I like Joseph’s Lavash bread, but sometimes you need something hardier.  Enter Laura Dolson’s Focaccia -Style Flax Bread.  I love this bread recipe just as written, but I just have to play around with everything.  I’ve made many, many sweet versions and several savory ones as well.  My favorite has got to be Jalapeno.  It’s this recipe that I’ve used for my Panini.


  • 2 pieces Jalapeno Flaxbread( I cut mine into 18 pieces)
  • 2 slices thin sliced ham
  • 2 slices Swiss cheese
  • mustard or mayo
  • butter


  1. Slice both pieces of Jalapeno bread horizontally so you have 4 slices of bread
  2. Cut ham slices in 4’s, dry off if needed.
  3. Cut each piece of Swiss into 2 pieces
  4. Melt butter in small frying pan, 7260ad4750aftoast the “inside” of the flaxbread
  5. Add mustard or mayo to the inside of the bread
  6. Add cheese to 2 slices , then ham, and remaining slices of cheese.
  7. Top with remaining bread.
  8. Place in frying pan and weighd63487051fea down with something heavy.  I used cans. Flip and toast other sides.

Serve while hot, with fresh veggie sticks and dip, or nice hot bowl of soup. 

Once you’ve made them once you will find yourself playing around with all kinds of flavors.


Anonymous said...

Apparently I got the name for my little online recipe blog from yours. :blush: Hope ya didn't mind too much!

And thank you for the inspiration.

Vikki said...

Not at all, I'm bet there or dozens of them, I probably read it on someone else's blog too...
No matter what we call 'em we just have to stick together and keep each other going!
Have a great weekend and thank you for the sweet words, it's nice to know someone is reading...giggle

Vikki said...
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weesle909 said...

Just be careful about putting full closed cans into a hot pan. Wouldn't want them to explode...