Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Update on mom

It's been a week since my last post I know. I'm sorry I keep saying I'm going to get better about blogging on a regular basis, and then some how, I don't.
Well a quick update on mom. They moved her over to rehab (same hospital different building and set up) on Saturday. She's doing very well. The physical therapist comes and works with her three times a day. They are working on building the muscles back up in her legs and teacher her how to get up and down without pushing, pulling or putting any pressure on her chest.
The occupational therapist is coming twice a day to work with her on getting dressed, personal hygiene and other such things, without straining, pulling or stretching her arms and shoulders (so she doesn't put any pressure or pull on her chest)
Then there is another activity therapist that comes once a week, he's got her playing games while doing physical activities. Such as playing dominoes but when you don't score you have to hold your feet up until you do, or raise your arms over your head or some such thing. Sounds odd but it's actually kind of fun.
Every Tuesday the doctor, therapist and anyone else that works with her, all get together to discuss her progress with her and set goals and projections. Only having been there a few days when this Tuesday (yesterday) came round, there wasn't too much to discuss, but the projected day of release is set for Feb 5th as of now. It could be sooner or it could take longer, but that's the goal right now.
The left side weakness is still coming and going, which is very worrisome to me. But the doctor and therapist keep saying she just needs to strengthen the muscles on that side more. That with therapy she will recover. I sure hope they know what they are talking about.


Oct said...

It's good to read an update. It sounds like your mom is doing well in therapy. I wish her the best and will keep her in my prayers.

Vikki said...

Thank you Tracy. She is doing very well. I can't wait until she's released so she will be more comfortable and can relax.
Thank you so much for the prayers.