Thursday, January 1, 2009

Just a quick note

Well guys I did great sticking with plan until the week of Christmas. I was so busy trying to get ready that I fell into the old habit of picking up dinner. It's really been very hard to pick up and get back in the saddle again. But I'm getting there. Also, I've got a terrible bronchial infection and with my asthma it's a tough fight just to breath.

I've been symptom free for so long I had forgot had scary an asthma attack really is. You gasp and struggle just to get a tiny bit of air in your lungs. I didn't even have a rescue inhaler any more, since it's been several years since I've had any asthma symptoms at all.

Anyway, my point to all this isn't to gain sympathy from readers but to let you know once I've bounced back from this I will be back to blogging. I've been so slack at it lately I hope there are still a few of you checking in. For that I'm really sorry. But it's just terrible hard to think when your lungs will not inflate more than just a tiny bit.

My new years resolution is to jump back in with both feet and get really strict with myself and get all this inflammation out of my body! I know from experience eating low carb will reduce the inflammation and thus help with the asthma as well. Also I'm off dairy completely for a week or two to help reduce phlegm production. Which will help cut carbs as well, so for at least the next while dairy is a huge no no for me.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas an enjoyable and safe New Years. I'll be back soon.


Oct said...

oh Vikki, take good care with that asthma ... maybe get an emergency inhaler for those "just in case" situations. very glad that you are back!!! hope you had a great Christmas and new year celebration.

Vikki said...

Thank you Oct, how sweet of you.
You know I never walked across the floor without my rescue inhaler for years, but in the last 2 years I've been almost completely symptom free and I stopped getting my prescription filled. I got one from my sister today and will see if I can't get my doctor to call in one even if I can't get in to see her until next week, but I'm hoping to get in to see her tomorrow.
Thanks again, and I love your blog, I love the way you changed it. Looks so good.