Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank you for all the Prayers

We as a family we would all like to express our gratitude to all those that have sent up prayers on her behalf.  Prayer is a very very powerful thing and it not only blessed my mom, it made us all feel better knowing that so many people were praying on her behalf.

Mom came through the surgery like a trooper.  The surgeon said her pressures were already going down when the surgery was over and that she will feel so much better now that she’s had the valve replaced.

Our pastor and one of the elders of our church came out and prayed with her before she went in to surgery and that made her and us feel better too.

I can’t even begin to explain how happy and relieved I am.  I was so worried.  I knew she was in God’s hands, that I had no doubt of, but what his plans were, well that part I worried about. 

I’m so very thankful that God answered our prayers and brought her through the surgery so well.

So again thank you so much for all the prayer and for those praying for a speedy, easy healing.

A very grateful Vikki


Oct said...

That's wonderful news, Vikki. We have both been blessed with our parents receiving God's healing. I'll keep on praying.

Patty said...

You're so welcome, my friend. Now, the prayers are for a good healing process with no complications.



Twisted Cinderella said...

That is sooo great to hear!

Jennifer said...

That's wonderful news! ((Hugs)). Hope your mom's recovery is speedy. It's so great that your pastor and an elder came to pray for your mom before her surgery.

Vikki said...

Thank you so much Twisted and Jennifer. She had an CAT scan today because they think she might have had a mini stroke.

We hope to get the results tomorrow.

continued prayers are most welcome.