Friday, September 4, 2009

Cooking for the week

I just love foods that will easily do double duty. So this week I made lasagna roll ups for dinner one night and made three extra with just the cheese to go with Parmesan pork chops later in the week.
I thawed a pork loin roast and cut the three pork chops I need off it then split it in half, rubbed with a bit of sage and roasted it. Half went in the freezer for later and half got chopped, along with all the veggies needed for pork fried rice. I went ahead and made a cup of brown rice and the sauce too. So that all went in smaller bags and then in a large zipper back in the back of the fridge until needed.
Tomorrow I'll be pounding out chicken breast for Monterrey chicken so I'll go ahead and pound out the pork chops and get them breaded in Parmesan. I do like getting a foot a head on the next nights dinner.
What do you do to get ahead?


cilla said...

thank u for stopping by cant wait too try some of ur recipes,i hope ur mama is feeling better stop by soon cilla

Vikki said...

Thank you Cilla,
Unfortunately mom's having a bad day today, but were praying tomorrows a better day.
Thank you for stopping by, and yes I will visit you many more times in the future.
Have a great weekend and may God keep you and yours safe.