Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just a little something I've made for mom

With mom using a walker, she hasn't been able to carry anything. So I grabbed a bit of yarn, a set of needles and started knitting. This is what I came up with. So far it's worked very well for her. She can carry her meter, a book or two, a glass or most anything she needs.

I know it's not a great project as far as most knitters go, but it does the job and I think it's kinda cute too.

God Bless you and have a wonderful day,



~Oct said...

That is so adorable and a sweet thing to have done for your mom. I think something like that would market well in an etsy shop!

Patty said...

You're so creative! That is the best of both worlds -- cute and functional.

Anonymous said...

That's really cute! I have no patience for knitting. I crochet alot in the winter though. My specialty is scarves and lap blankets (very plain ones)

Vikki said...

Thank you guys, such sweet words from you all. I'm working on a chair pocket to go over the arm of my chair to keep my book, remote and tissues in.

Sadekat, I've tried crocheting over and over again. I just can't keep the right tension on the thread and things come out all wonky.
Hugs and mayb God bless you all,

Jennifer said...

That is a precious thing you did, Vikki. You are so talented.

Vikki said...

Thank you Jennifer,
It's really just straight forward knitting, but I think it turned out cute and it's sure been a big help to her.
So how are you doing?

Jennifer said...

I'm fine, Vikki. Miss you on my blog. :-)