Thursday, September 3, 2009

What I've been up to

So I haven't posted in a while, but I wanted to give you a little update on life at my house. Cindy is working so many hours she's exhausted all the time, but other than that and some really achy legs she's doing great. Me, I'm trying to keep busy even with the kitchen in the state of hold it's in. Mom, well that depends on the day. Some are better than others. The shaking is as bad if not worse, the breathing is getting worse and now she's done something to her hip. But her spirits are pretty good and we pray alot for her to get better.

They came out Tuesday to start the reconstruction on the kitchen and finished up yesterday (Wed). It went very smoothly and they even removed some old paneling we hated from the laundry room for us. They were a fairly neat crew too, sweeping up and trying to put stuff back where it went when they were through. Nice bunch of guys too.

Today the floor guys is suppose to come out and let us pick the new flooring out. Not sure how long we will have to wait until they actually come out and put it in, but I hope it's pretty quick. It shouldn't take but a couple of hours to install and replace the little bit of padding under the carpet that needs it. Then the other group will come back out and put in the quarter round that goes over the flooring and touch up any paint that needs it and we will be all fixed up. They told us it could be up to two weeks until every thing was finished, including waiting on the flooring to be ordered, but I'm hoping they will have it in stock and we can get it all finished off by this time next week.

But even through all this I've managed to cook most nights and mom and I have eaten a lot of peanut butter. Couldn't get in the kitchen the last few days so had to be something shelf stable and peanut butter worked well.

I've also managed to get in a little extra cleaning while they've had things pulled out, mover and such. I mean I can't tell you the last time I cleaned under the microwave or the side of the stove that's next to the wall....Yeah! It's been a good time to weed out stuff we don't use too. Some things have gone in the trash and others are waiting for a new home somewhere else.

While I wouldn't willingly go through all this again, it has been good for us. We have a new paint job, cleaner kitchen and we have lots of really hot water ...giggle. The best part is we know there isn't any invisible mold growing under the surface making us all sick.

I hope all is well with you and your family, take care, have a wonderful day and may God bless you richly!

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