Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Capella flavor drops

Thanks to my friend Jeri Kay, I ordered a couple of bottles of Capella flavor drops to give them a try. Here's the blurb off their page about the drops:
Our Products
No one compares to Capella's Flavor Drops! With over 50 unique flavors, all containing NO calories, carbs, fats, sweeteners or preservatives, it’s no wonder why our customers tell us we’re the finest and most unique product on the market. Capella Flavor Drops are perfect for virtually any application: Diet Shakes, Oatmeal, Pudding, Espresso–based drinks, brewed Coffee and Tea, Martinis, Smoothies, Italian sodas, Desserts and more.
* Capella Flavor Drops are PURE Flavor, without sweeteners. * Add flavor to already sweetened ( pre-sweetened ) beverages without adding additional sweetness. * Flavor Drops are stronger than extracts, requiring only drops to flavor. * Flavor Drops will NOT change the consistency of your recipes since only drops are required. * Flavor drops is NOT a syrup, and contains NO fat, calories, or carbs.

According to Jeri you can make your own s/f syrup using the Capella drops. Since the floor in my pantry is half full of s/f DaVinci syrups I thought I'd try a couple because they would take up much less space and because they had some interesting flavors.
So far I've only tried the drops in water, I just got them yesterday. But I have to admit I really like the two flavors I've tried.
The pear sold specifically for water is very refreshing, I added the 4 drops recommended plus 2 drops of sweetzfree to a glass of ice water. It was an unusal flavor but it really did taste like a pear. And it made for a very enjoyable glass of water. Next I tried the strawberry cream, and reminded me of a piece of s/f lifesavers strawberry cream candy. It was ok in water but I think it would be excellent in a cup of Hood milk, yogurt, ice cream or protein shake. I can hardly wait to give the rootbeer float and vanilla cream a try.
I just thought I would share this find with you. If your looking for something to use for flavor, but you don't want the added sugar or sweeteners these are perfect. If you just want to try something different, then maybe Blueberry cinnamon crumble or graham cracker is what your looking for. They have 54 flavors plus the water flavors.
If you try them or have used them let me know what you think. I can't wait to try them in other things.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I am going to invest in a couple of flavors myself. Did you happen to purchase their sweetner as well? I curious about liquid splenda since I havn't tried it yet.

Vikki said...

Hey Donna,
No I didn't order their sweetener, because I have a big bottle of sweetzfree and half bottle of fiberfit. Both liquid splenda. The fiberfit you can get at Netriton.com and the sweetzfree from sweetzfree.com They are both a little expensive but fiberfit is 8x sweeter than sugar so 2 tbsp is equal to a whole cup of sugar. Sweetzfree is even sweeter and 25 drops or roughly a tsp is equal to a cup. So they last a long time and have absolutely no carbs.

I did see that they had one available with the flavor drops, and I might give it a try in the future, but right now I'm pretty well stocked.