Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend plans

We've not been too hot this last week sticking to plan. Ok if I tell the truth we've gone out of our way to go as far off as possible. The last few months has been a real struggle with as many off days as on. So the decision was made, not exactly what I wanted, to indulge in the things people were really hungry for, and then get back to it full force and strict come Monday. So my plans for this weekend were to get some things made up we would need to get back with it. I wanted to get some flax bread made, some oopsies, baked and in the freezer, thaw and cut up a package of Joseph's Lavish bread, so it's ready to grab and go. Get a menu and grocery list made up, so that there is no excuse not to cook and get us back on plan. Oh yeah and of course there is always laundry.

Well that was the plan anyway. So I slept right through Friday more or less. I did manage to get the laundry done, all 8 loads.

Today I've done a little better, I made Cinnamon Pecan Flax bread

It's cooling as I type. Once cooled, I'll cut into 15 pieces and store in a zippy bag with a paper towel lining the bottom. It will be good for a week.

I also managed to get double batch of Cleo's Oopsie Rolls made. They too are cooling. I'll bag them up 2 to a bag and freeze for burgers and bbq sammies. Now if I can get some meatballs, ice cream and maybe a couple batches of Vikki Ann's Flaxies, and some peanut butter cream cheese spread, I should be all set. Not to bad so far, but I still have quite a bit more to do. I have several recipes floating around in my head I want to try. I'm thinking a Cordon Bleu chicken dish and maybe an unstuffed Cabbage roll recipe. If they turn out well I'll post the recipes to my spaces blog Vikki's Kitchen


Former Donut Junkie said...

Well Vicki, don't beat yourself up too bad for getting off track. It happens to all of us at one time or another. Just hit that RESET button and start fresh and new again.

In February of this year I ordered a Reuben sandwich of all things while we were on a day trip [I know, I know, I must've had a big bowl of stupid that morning] and do you know what that stupid sandwich cost me? Nearly 5 months off plan and about 15 pounds regained. I've just about lost all those 'stupid' pounds again.

But anyhow, I'm a big believer in the planning ahead that you're doing by getting foods ready ahead of time...and getting rid of any trouble foods. "Willpower don't work...strategy does." That's a quote from Dr. Gullo, author of The Thin Commandments.

Good news to hear you're off to a new start. Now as Dr Laura says, Go Take On The Day!

Vikki said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement. It can be hard sometimes to let yourself off the hook. But I'm back in the saddle again.
I so agree about will power. It might get you through lots of things, but it's my humble opinion trying to lose weight depending on will power is like trying to hold off a hurricane with a tissue.
Good Luck and weightloss to you.