Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sleep study follow up

Well I had my follow up appointment yesterday, and everything seems to be what I expected. Dr. Stevenson, says that they thought my pressure could come down a little, but that if I was comfortable where it was, we could just leave it. YES!!!! I really didn't want to have to change it.
Being on medicare and all their nit-picky rules meant I didn't get my new machine yesterday while I was there, but rather have to have them deliver it today. Tell me that makes in since?
One odd thing though, Dr. Stevenson didn't mention it, but when I went to order my new machine, the tech there told me it's a V-pap. Which is specifically for central apnea patients. Central apnea being your brain forgets to tell your lungs to breath. So the machine will have to stimulate my brain some how or other. My concern is that Dr. Stevenson didn't say anything about central apnea, nor did my doctor from before. So I guess I best call today and make sure there isn't a mistake.
If I do have central apnea, that means it will most like improve as the weight comes off, but I will never be without the machine. If I don't, then there is no reason to pay the extra money for a machine with bells and whistles I don't need.
Time to make a phone call.
But yeah! I get my machine today.

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