Monday, September 29, 2008

This and That

Our local (round the corner) Tom Thumb has chuck roasts on sale. So up we go, pick out several for grinding in to ground meat and a couple really pretty ones for pot roast.
As I walked in the door ( pushing my wheel chair), I was struck by just how odd Fall is here in North Texas. There sitting right inside the door were big, round, green watermelons that look like they had just ripened over the weekend and beside them, great big, round, orange pumpkins.

While much of the country is experiencing cooler weather, trees that are just starting to turn color, birds migrating and other early signs that Autumn has come to call. Here the air conditioner is blasting, my grass needs to be mowed and could use a good watering.

Which all led me to think, do seasons overlap this much in other parts of the country, or the world? Who came up with all these symbols for fall? Did they really have colored leaves, acorns and apples falling all over their yards? Were their scarecrows really decked out so cute? Why isn't a big fat raindrop a symbol of Autumn too? That's what it does here, rain, rain and more rain until all the leaves drown and just fall off all at one time.
So tell me about Autumn in your neck of the woods.


Anonymous said...

I posted a response on my wee little blog :D

Vikki said...

I read it, I loved it I want to move to North Nevada and live in the mountains.

Former Donut Junkie said...

OK, I guess I'm the odd guy here as I absolutely love fall, at least here in East Tennessee. I've been here all my 55+ years so be warned I'm just a wee bit biased! Today's high is supposed to be 67 and low tonight of 45. Very gentle breeze with that. Leaves are just beginning to turn and in a couple of weeks there will be a multi-colored canvas of foilage to admire to all who are here.

I love the cool crisp mornings, but then I'm a 'morning person' all the time. I love the bonfires, the harvest parties and all that goes with them. I can't put my finger on anything more specific but I just love fall! Always have and always will!

Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie