Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Update on Mom

We'll we finally got some answers for mom. But they sure we're what we were looking for. As most of you know, she's slowly suffocating because she has a heart valve that's just given out. It needs to be replaced.

When they were running all the tests to find out if she were healthy enough for the surgery, they found she has Pulmonary Hypertension. So the search for the cause began. First of, did she have sleep apnea, one of the major causes of P H. So off she goes to see an specialist in sleep disorders. They found she had a slight case and gave her a cpap. But the PH didn't improve. So then it was blood work, an echo,cat scan, and and a few other things. The only thing they found was that she really needed to get the valve replaced soon.
Next they sent her off for an MRI and more blood work. She got all the tests down except the MRI, they bruised her up pretty good trying to get her in, but it was too small. They finally got it reschedule at a different place last week, and she saw a rheumatologist to see check for lupus.
This week she saw the number one Pulmonary Specialist in Texas. Well all the test were in and after 6 months the answer is.... the weak valve is what is causing the PH and they will not do the surgery because of the PH and her weight.
This latest super specialist ( that's what her Cardiologist and Pulmonologist call him) says he thinks he can get her through it. It will be very risky, but if he can find a doctor that will do the surgery, he thinks he can help her pull through.
He had a meeting with the doctor he has in mind this evening, and mom is suppose to call him back again tomorrow. All prayers, will definitely be welcomed and deeply appreciated.
He told her not to exercise too much, nothing that would exert her to the point of panting or gasping. Of course at this point just going to the bathroom can cause that. But she needs to keep moving as much as she can.
Anyway, that's where we are right now. Thank you for all the prayers up to this point and any your willing to send up on her behalf now.


Dariece said...


My prayers are with you and your family. What a lot to go through to end up right where you started. At least you found a Dr that is willing to try. That's important. Love to you and your mom.


Vikki said...

Thank you so much Dariece