Monday, October 27, 2008

Holiday Saver

With Halloween just around the corner, so begins the countdown to the holiday season. There will be parties and gatherings. Food of every sort to be had in abundance. In other words, this is the hardest time of the year for anyone trying to lose weight. Well meaning friends and family will tempt you with all manner of tasty delights with the assurance that just a bite won't hurt you. Well believe me it can hurt you. One bite can easily lead to a second and third. Indulging in just a few simple high carbs foods can completely de-rail you. I speak form experience. One simple dessert can send you spiraling into non stop cravings and loss of control. Saying you will do better tomorrow doesn't always work this time of year when sugar filled treats are freely handed out like Tums at a chili cook off. Your best defense is to keep delicious, decadent low carb treats on hand, so you never feel the least deprived.
Where to find such tempting treats? Ahhh, I have the answer for you right here. Jennifer Eloff has saved the holidays for all of us. She's written a cookbook filled with the most decadent, mouthwatering, luscious desserts you've ever seen. There is chocolate candy, cakes, pies, and cookies sure please even the most finicky of eaters. Most of which your high carb friends will never guess are low carb delights.
How can you get your hands on a copy of this wondrous holiday saving cookbook? It's simple just click right here.
Can you imagine your delight as you walk into your next holiday gathering carrying this delicious cake,

knowing full well you can indulge guilt free?
Or how bout platter full of these yummy little pieces of heaven?

The best part is every dessert in this treasure trove of yummy deliciousness is less than 10 grams of carbs per serving with most being 6 or less. Tell me that is Fantabulous! Now thanks to Jennifer you can make your cake and eat it too… that is if all you non-low carb friends and family don't eat it all first!
It is my opinion that no low carber should tempt the holidays without first being armed with a copy of "Splendid Low-Carb Desserts". So what are you waiting for, get over there and take a look at this and all the other wonderful cookbooks Jennifer has to offer, I promise you will not be disappointed!


Jennifer said...

Wow, Vikki! I am truly honored. Your review is outstanding - the best yet! Thanks! :-)

This quote below showing your delightful sense of humor made me giggle:

"Saying you will do better tomorrow doesn't always work this time of year when sugar filled treats are freely handed out like Tums at a chili cook off."

Vikki said...

I'm so glad you liked it. I know I had promised to get this written sooner, but I really wanted to have a chance to use the cookbook before I reviewed it. And I really believe every low carb should have a copy of at the very least this cookbook to help them make it through this time of year. But they would be foolish to stop there. I love how delicious and yet simple your recipes are. Nothing takes hours to make, it's just good fresh food quick and easy and no one can ask for better than that.

Jennifer said...

Thanks. :-)

Vikki said...

Your most welcome!