Friday, October 31, 2008

what the heck is going on?

I have to admit to feeling more than a little shaken today. It seem my normal safe life has been tilted today. In the wee hours of the morning we had a 3.o earthquake in the Midcities area (suburbs between Dallas and Fort Worth). Then this afternoon, the small town feel of my little suburb was shattered when two bank employees were shot during and attempted bank robbery! So my question is what the heck is going on. We don't have earthquakes in Texas. I want say they absolutely never happen, but good golly, the ground is supposed to stay still, and when did big city crime him my little hamlet?
I'm not naive enough to think that this is the safest little town in the world, and I know we have crime just like everyone else. But we don't normally have shootings in the middle of the day. In one of the busiest parts of town. We have things like burglaries, vandalism, convenient store and fast food robberies. We have drugs, a few gangs and domestic violence.
We just don't normally have mad men with guns running around shooting people.
All this together has rather rocked my little world. I guess it's not so little or safe anymore. :o(
They had to lock down the nearby schools to make sure the kids were all safe!


Blueberry Muffin Queen (Jenn) said...


I heard about the bank robbery earlier today. Just horrible!!!

And you had an earthquake too? Wow. I remember back home (near Galveston) there was this rift running through town. Turns out it was a fault line. Just one that was likely to never rupture again (being sooo far from the East or West Coast). But I really need to look into WHY a fault like in your area would rupture... that's CRAZY!!!

I hope you and everyone you care about are okay. And I hope the violences settles. I suspect it will. My little town was VERY violent when I moved away. I go back now and it's so quiet and sedate.

Crazy crazy world and it's all TEXAS!!!!

Take care! BE SAFE!!!

Vikki said...

Thank you Jenn,
It was all just a little unsettling. You know that Twilight zone kind of feeling, where everything looks the same but doesn't quite feel right.

Anyway, the earthquake didn't cause too much damage from all account and we didn't even feel it here.

But darn it, we have tornados, hurricanes, flooding, wild fires, and fire ants (hey they count)but by golly the ground is supposed to stay still.

Oh well what would life be like without the challenges right?
Thanks again,

Patty said...

Hey girl,

Sorry to hear about your earthquake. Since we live near a fault line here in Memphis, I try to take a view of it that small ones every now and then are actually a good thing -- it relieves pressure under the earth's surface and keep "the big one" at bay... Don't know if that will help, but it seems to help me.

As for the shooting, I'm so sorry to hear that that happened so close to you. It's very unsettling, to say the least! I hope the two employees survive and are okay.

Anonymous said...

OMG, that's terrible about the bank robbery, that's not a common occurance in Texas! Down in South Texas where I grew up we had tremmors all the time, but they were baby ones. I hope you don't have anymore shaking going on.

Vikki said...

Thanks girl, I'm just glad the earthquake wasn't strong enough for us to feel here, I think I would really be freak out. It was on west of Dallas and we're on the east side. But bank robberies and shootings are just too scary. that's way to close to home.

You know until yesterday I never knew Texas every had any earthquakes what so ever and it freaked me out. I did learn that over the years we have had a few, most of which were actually centered either in Ok, Ak, or Mexico. The idea that we actually have them here is a little hard for me. The very idea of an earthquake has always completely freaked me out. It's just too too surreal.

Jennifer said...

In South Africa I lived through an earthquake or two as a child. In a nearby town of Tulbagh, buildings fell down and people were killed and our town got really shaken up - I never forgot the devastation or the fear. I vowed never to live near a place that had earthquakes, hurricanes or tornadoes. When my husband suggested we live on our property in Florida, I resisted due to hurricanes, tornadoes and sink holes. Everyone in the family thought I was crazy and laughed at me, but I stuck to my guns.

That was a little earthquake, so I tend to agree with Patty....that will stave off any serious ones.

It's frightening re the shooting and I agree that it is a surreal type of feeling one gets from such a random evil act so close to home.


Vikki said...

Thank you so much. It really was rather a surreal sorta day. I'm better now of course, but the robbery really has me a little spooked. This has always been a pretty quite place. I guess none of us are completely safe and Lord knows I'm not a head in the sand kind of person, but I think I would be happier had I not heard about this particular incident.

Fortunally I didn't feel the earthquake just heard about it on the news, if I had actually felt it I'm sure I would have completely freaked out. I mean the ground isn't suppose to move.
I know I'm such a weinie.
Thanks again,