Friday, October 3, 2008

Busy Bee

Well this week I've been busily cooking away. Our local Tom Thumb had chuck roasts on sale this week. So I made a bee line and bought two gorgeous roasts and had several more ground into hamburger. While I was there I was able to score a huge jicama, a beautiful eggplant, and chayote squash.

Once home the ground meat needed to be worked up. I ended up with 3 packages of taco meat, 2 packages of stuffed pepper meat, 2 pizza kits, and 2 packages of lunch sized burgers. Not to bad for $20.

Tuesday we cooked a big pot of cabbage ( a whole head), squash ( yellow and zucchini) sauteed in butter with onions, Eggplant Alfredo and Jicama with lemon ginger sauce. So the week of side dishes is taken care of. I took a bowl of baked beans out of the freezer for Cindy.

I made Lemon blueberry flaxbread yesterday, along with roast beef stir-fry for dinner. I "riced" shirataki noodles and cooked them right in with the veggies and meat. It was just too good. I ended up eating too much, thankfully it was really low in carbs, but still over eating isn't a good thing.
I've been keeping up with my daily exercises and the trips to the store. Man am I sore, but it's a good sore, and the bonus is I lost 3 more pounds this week... Yeah!!!!


Former Donut Junkie said...

Jicama??? Chayote??? Names I ain't familiar with in my neck o' the woods! Not a clue. But then I'm veggie challenged anyhow!

Vikki said...

Chayote you might need to look in a hispanic supermarket for if your local one doesn't carry. But I thought most grocery stores carried Jicama anymore. It's a root veggies that is quite firm and has the texture of a very crisp pear. Many people compare it to an apple but in my opinion it's closer to a pear. It's so goood you have to try and find one. Crisp and cruchy in salad, sauteed with lemon and ginger for a great sidedish, or baked with cinnamon and sweetener for a mock apple crisp.
Cleo makes hashbrowns with it, which I have still not tried... but I sure want too.

You can saute the chayote in butter and it's great just like that. But it can also be a sub for fried apples by simply adding some cinnamon and sweetener to them.
Let me know if you find one or the other of them and give them a try.