Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another sleepless night

I don't know what's got into me. I thought I had finally gotten my sleep patterns all under control at last. But then suddenly I began having the long stretches with out sleep again. I'm sleeping during the day and up all night again. I hate this. And I keep having 30-36 hour days. None of this is low carb friendly. I tend to snack when I'm up alone and the house is quite. I haven't felt much like doing to much experimenting lately either. I just want my life back.
How long does menopause last anyway? It's had my life screwed up for what seems like years now. Depression, itching, hot flashes, cold sweats, night sweats, lethargy, fuzzy thinking that even low carb can't seem to fix completely, not to mention I'm now in glasses, which I think already need adjusting and it's just been a year.
Oh youth where have you gone, and in leaving who have you turned me into? Not my mother that's for sure, she never went through all this. Not my Nanny, that woman was on top of it until the day she died. Both had much more energy and were grandmothers at my age.
I'm sitting here wanting to go play in the kitchen and I just don't have the energy. I hate this feeling.
Should I up some of my supplements? If so which ones? Should I stop taking some of them? Am I eating too much of something? I'm stuck within these same 5-10 lbs and can't seem to budge. Oh life is an adventure isn't it.
Well good night and hopefully sleep will come to me soon.


Lauren said...

Have you tried 5-htp? It's just an amino acid (Tryptophan) that's quite calming. Really helps me wind down and fall asleep! Might help your problem. Good luck! :)

Vikki said...

I have actually. Took it for about 4-6 months. Didn't notice much difference and since I'm on antidepressants I stopped taking it. I have Ambien but I hate to take it. I feel icky the next day. Thank you so much, I know several people that it has worked for, unfortunately I'm not one of them. But as an update going for a sleep study this next week. Hope they find the cause.
Thanks again,