Friday, August 22, 2008

rental machine

Well I slept and I slept hard. This rental I have isn't set nearly at high enough pressure but it's so much better than my sisters that I slept very hard. I woke up fairly often but was able to go right back asleep. I finally slept enough that when I woke up, I had ankles gain, my hands were not so swollen that they just ache and after an hour or so the head ache was gone too. Over all I felt better than I have in a good week or more. I simply can't wait to get my own machine set at my own pressure levels.

Besides that good news my aunt is up for a visit. We haven't seen her in a while and it's good to have her here for a few days. She's such a hoot, and we all really enjoy when she comes for a visit.

Of course being her first night here mom took her out for fish. Not sure what they ate, but dang it they better not do it again. Mom's bgl was 301 and my aunts was 42o. So no more of that. Tomorrow night I cook. Think I better get up in the morning and put on some bread too. They could both use the flax at this point.

I didn't do to well either. I was asleep when she called to ask what I wanted. Not sure what exactly I told her, but I ended up with french fries, and darn it I ate about half of them. But lordy that fish was good. I love love love catfish and this was cooked perfectly. I just have to find a good deal on it so I can use my friend Patty's catfish recipe. That way I can still have the fish I love and keep it nice and low carb at the same time. Besides no risk of eating all the other high carb foods from the salad bar.

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