Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fear of Food

Now I have to admit right off, that I am more than a little intimidated by food science. What is safe to eat and what will do you as much harm as highly processed foods? What is too processed? After all all food undergoes some processing unless you pull it out of your own garden. The veggies you buy at the grocery store have been radiated to extend their "shelf Life". Lord only know what all has been done to that ground meat you pick up yesterday.
So even if it doesn't come in a box, bag or can more than like your food has been processed somewhat.
There are reports on all the nasty antibiotics and growth hormones in our meat, not to mention they are feed grain, keep on grain lots and not allowed to roam the fields and nosh on grass, dandelions and other such bovine delicacies. Poultry may even have it worse. They are tricked into thinking it's day light so they will lay more eggs. Never allowed out of their nesting boxes, feed hopped up grains and allowed to eat their own fecal matter.
Do I really want to think about all this while I'm trying to buy healthy foods to prepare for my family? I know I should of course, but what is a very un-wealthy person to do? I simply CAN NOT afford to buy organic fruits and vegetables or grass feed beef. If I'm totally honest with you, I'm having a hard time affording the grocery store "crap". No way I can pay $5.oo lb for a chicken. $6.oo lb for tomatoes. I simply do not have the money.
Does this make me a bad person that doesn't care about my family. I often leave health forums and groups feeling like I've been poisoning my family and that if I cared I would weigh the risks and do the right thing. I have weighed the risks. It's grocery store are starve.
Then of course, once you make some peace with the decisions you've had to make, the information all changes. For example take a look at this Is this for real? Have I been ragging on my poor hot dog addicted mom for no reason? Have the nitrates in the hot dogs actually been contributing to lowering her blood pressure not raising it. Is there really no evidence to support the link between nitrates and cancer?
So I ask you, how is your normal, everyday person suppose to know what the truth is? How are we suppose to navigate the troubled seas of food science, when the experts can't even agree?
Well as for me, my goal is to eat as close to nature as we can possible afford, knowing I am doing the best I can. Hoping and praying that it's the right thing to do.
Who knows, next month they may report that cigarettes protect you from the suns ultra violet rays and we should all take up smoking immediately!


Jennifer said...

Vikki, I can really relate to this post! LOL

Vikki said...

Thanks Jennifer,
It's so hard to know what to believe sometimes.

Former Donut Junkie said...

Yep, all this food science stuff can leave your head spinning for sure. I don't think there's been a single food that hasn't hit the 'this stuff will kill ya list' at some point in time. Think about it, even water and air are on the list. The debates rage over organic, natural, whole food, cooked, raw, etc, etc and all it's accomplished is further polarize all of us on our opinions.

I'm with you, buy what you can afford and what you think is best for you. Organic, natural...rarely ever does a piece of it ever hit my shopping cart. Rather I stand there looking at amazed at the prices. It's probably good...but who can afford this stuff. And I'm weary of the "you can't afford not to" argument.

Our world is filled with way to many things to divide us. Now we're fightin' over a tomato! Anyhow, great article...guess I'm just joining in the rant with ya'. Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie

Vikki said...

Your so right. But I have to admit I was feeling like I was the only one that felt that way when I wrote this. Since then several people have let me know, they too feel the pressure to eat food beyond their means. We less affluent folk have got to stick together...giggle Eggs are too darn expensive as is, I can't afford the kind with the extra omega 3 so I just eat more flax.

Twisted Cinderella said...

I totally agree. It is hard to afford to eat healthy and there are a lot of times that eating within my means means not buying the "healthy" foods that I would like to.

Vikki said...

I would love to buy fresh produce from a local farmer, but I just can't afford their prices. I checked into CSA boxes but they cost more than I can afford each month and I'd still have to buy some veggies.
Forget grass feed beef or organic chicken or eggs. It's just way out of my price range.