Sunday, August 17, 2008

Borrowing sisters C-pap

With my bi-pap completely out of commission, I ended up trying out my sisters c-pap. I'm used to a bi-level breathing machine that maintains pressure on both the inhale and exhale. Mine is set at 27 meaning it blows very very hard! Cindy's is set at 9 is just a slight whisper in comparison. But I was thankful to have it. At least I was able to cover my head, the only way I can sleep.
The lack of sleep is already taking it toll. I'm so incredibly tired, bloated and swollen. My hands stiff and swollen, the swelling in my feet is so bad they look like stuffed sausage and hurt just to stand on them.
The funny thing is I lived this way for so many years. This was my life before I got my machine about 10 years ago. I lost 30lbs of fluid after just 2 weeks of using the machine. It was amazing.
But I'm looking forward to finding out if there is anything they can find or do to help me with the insomnia. I'm so so hopeful that after this round of testing and doctors visits I will be able to sleep! Sleep on a regular schedule too. How cool would that be.

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